Локо-Банку присвоен рейтинг А+ от «Эксперт РА»

June 24, 2014


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Emittent: Locko-Bank
Issuer profile:

LOCKO-Bank Date of registration with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CB RF): 21.02.94

Licenses: License by CB RF #2707 on operations in rubles and foreign currency; Licenses ... more

Outstanding issues:
3 issuesRUR14,000,000,000
Moody's Investors ServiceB2/StableLT- foreign currency24.01.2007
Moody's Investors ServiceB2/StableLT- local currency24.01.2007
Fitch RatingsB+/NegativeLT Int. Scale (foreign curr.)26.10.2015
Fitch RatingsA-(rus)/NegativeNational Scale (Russia)26.10.2015
Fitch RatingsB+/NegativeLT Int. Scale (local curr.)26.10.2015
Moody's Interfax Rating AgencyWithdrawn/National Scale (Russia)18.03.2016
Rating Agency RAEX (Expert RA)Withdrawn/National Scale (Russia)25.06.2015