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Widgets from Cbonds Equity and BondMap

Cbonds offers issuers the opportunity to embed widgets on their websites with graphical information about financial instruments: BondMap Widget and Equity Widget

BondMap Widget

free of charge

  • Bond chart with key analytical metrics
  • Select the bond type and currency
  • Customize the widget according to your preferences

Daily updated widget with a map of local and international bonds and their analytical indicators: yield and duration

Equity Widget: Stock Chart

free of charge

Graphic display of your share price dynamics for selected period, possibility to compare it with primary index dynamics and download obtained information in Excel

  • Detailed information on stock issues
  • Selection of trading platform
  • Data export from the chart in various formats

Equity Widget: Historical Quotes

Display of information about changes in share price, highest and lowest prices, as well as about traded value

  • Historical data on opening and closing prices
  • Information about trading volume for the selected period
  • Comparison of share price dynamics from different trading platforms

Equity Widget: Investor Calculator

  • ROI calculation for the invested amounts
  • Change of investments price in a bar chart
  • Convenient graphical representation

Our widgets adapt to any device

use a simple isolated embedded code for your website

< iframe src = "Link is generated automatically" border = "0" frameborder = "0" allowtransparency = "true" framespacing = "0" allow = "clipboard-write" framespacing = "0" allow = "clipboard-write" height = "" ></ iframe >
Sample of the embed code


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